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The Tide Tower
Technical specifications

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These specifications reflects the actual version of the product.  specifications can change without notice.
  • Square aluminum tube, 5 inches.  x 5 inches.  x ¼ inch.  Section by 10 feet.  or 5 feet.  High 
  • Head aluminum 3 / 16 inch. Welded, acrylic semi-translucent white ¼ inch., 8 lights to light-emitting diodes (LED) 12 V DC
  • Levels of blue light emitting diode (LED) 12 VDC, sealed polycarbonate
  • Arrow lights 6in.  x 2.5 inches.  emitting diode (LED) 12 VDC, polycarbonate sealed bronze attenuator semi translucent
  • White glossy finish (marine and aviation applications), including pre-chemical treatment of aluminum
  • Total diodes électroluminescen-tes: 652
  •  Total number of lights: 44
  • Total head light lit continuously: 13 watts at low tide, 69-watt high tide almost
  • Useful life of Lights: 50 000 hours, or nearly 6 years if lit continuously, or 17 years if lighted 4 months per year. 
  • Light-head bolts and door access: head lock, stainless steel, corrosion-resistant compound applied to each point of contact aluminum / stainless steel
  • Spinning 14 gauge AWG, gold-plated RCA connectors
  • Speakers sailors, 3 inches. Impedance 4 ohms
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