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The Tide Tower
How it works

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The design of the tower raised several technological challenges as it is a unique and unusual concept for which there is no other model elsewhere and therefore no established standards.

The tower reproduces the movement of the local tide for any specific site in the world with the same accuracy as a tide table. All this is controlled by a microcomputer and customized software.

The seven different levels of blue lights encased in the tower each represent one-seventh of the water level between low tide and high tide. They gradually light up after each ascending real tide cycle, then extinguish themselves during the rising tidal cycle. The current level, wherever it is, flashes slowly.    These seven levels equal in terms of water level are not equal in terms of duration as the tide rises more slowly from low tide, accelerates in mid-cycle and slows again before reaching high tide.

During the process, upper and lower arrows indicate whether the tide is rising (the flood) or descending (the ebb tide).

During the first five minutes of the high tide mark, the same point as the tide tables, the arrows are turned off and all blue level lights are on and flashing. Conversely, during the first 5 minutes of low tide, only the blue lower level remains lit continuously while the arrows are out.

A speaker emits the sound of a deck bell to mark the beginning of the high tide (2 brief rings) and the beginning of the low tide (1 brief ring)

Here is a representation of how the Tide Tower function

Animation présentant le fonctionnement de la Tour de marée

Summary of the Tide Tower operation
  • 7 levels of lights switched on and off gradually to the rhythm of the tide 
  • Flashing arrows pointing up and down to indicate the direction of the tide (rising or descending)
  • A ringing sound heard at high tide and low tide to add a auditory dimension to the Tide Tower

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