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The Tide Tower*
Description and benefits

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Reclaiming and rediscovering the coast is a concern growing in most coastal communities. Hiking trails, bicycle paths, rest areas and interpretive centres are examples of a growing willingness to draw closer to the nature around us.  

The Tide Tower is in keeping with this trend and allows the population of a given location to be more aware of the tide cycle and more attentive to it’s many impacts.   

Made under strict quality standards for reliability and durability in a marine environment, the Tide Tower is equipment that will not fail to attract the attention of both government and private sector managers wishing to better serve their patrons.

Advantages of a Tide Tower

  • added value to your site
  • Increased safety of users of a public or private coastal installation
  • Less unexpectedness and more pleasant stays throught better planning of outdour activities

Distinguish yourself by the services you offer your users!

Programmed with the local tides, the Tide Tower permanently reproduces the level of the tide in real time and indicates it’s condition/state: high, low, rising or descending.   In practice, the information is understood in a glance by any observer.


A clear benefit for the safety of seafarers, fishermen and hikers, the Tide Tower is an unique tool that will allow the general public to be mindful of the tidal cycle that takes place under his eyes. 

Currently manufactured in a high tower (10 feet) to stand on the ground, or a short tower (5 feet) to install on a roof, it can also take other forms depending on architectural constraints and the context in which it is installed.

* Registered Trademark - patent pending (under Geslab)